Make someone’s life better with a sweater: 9 Christmas jumpers every gamer and secret geek will LOVE

(Photo: Game)

Unless you’ve been asleep for the past 15 years you may have noticed that Christmas jumpers have become quite the phenomenon.

If it’s not for social gatherings or an office Christmas jumper day, you know you need festive knitwear for Christmas dinner at least.

Unless you want to be ostracised.

(No-one wants to be ostracised).

And thus, like any growing trend, the quest to find the most unique and eye-catching item has become a game itself.

Meeting friends for Christmas drinks sporting Santa or Rudolph on your knit barely cuts the mustard these days, you need something radical.

That’s where Game comes in. This year, Game’s clever elves have designed a hefty catalogue of Christmas-themed jumpers,… Read the full story

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