Tom Hardy’s Alfie Solomons returns to Peaky Blinders – but what does this mean for Tommy Shelby?

Tom Hardy’s Alfie Solomons makes his return to Peaky Blinders (Picture: Robert Viglasky/BBC)


Alongside Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson, Tom Hardy is without a doubt one of THE leading men of Peaky Blinders – all this despite his character, Mr. Alfie Solomons being far from a major role.

Over the past two series the kosher king pin from Camden has both terrorized and befriended the Smallheath mob – after all that’s the only language that lot speak.

Despite training Arthur in series two before kidnapping and torturing him, Alfie has become something of a lovable rogue; and possibly the closest thing to a real friend Tommy Shelby has (yes, we know… Read the full story

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